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Our complete process includes the following:

1. Consultation

We set up an initial meeting to identify strategic drivers, evaluate the full range of options and assess internal capabilities related to your operations. 

2. Assessment

This will involve an in-depth discussion regarding your current accounting activities which will include analyzing your systems, transactions, resource utilization, reports generated and the nature of your business. 

3. Design

We customize our process to meet your specific business needs. This will include streamlining the responsibilities and processes for the client and Virtuous Bookkeeping.

4. Set-up

Our consultants work closely with your staff. This provides us with the opportunity to review your chart of accounts, determine which reports need to be generated and implement any other processes.

We introduce you to the Phoenix Management Group family and the dedicated personnel who are assigned to your business. Secure communication, data storage and exchange portals are established for a seamless process flow.

5. Launch

We develop a workflow process that’s easy and effective. We make sure that outsourcing your accounting tasks are straightforward and painless. Prepare to have the tedious and time consuming tasks removed from your day to day activities as we launch our services. 

6. Relax

As your dedicated bookkeepers, we provide business owners the time to concentrate on running their business – which is your true passion. 

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